Kyle Rubenok - President

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Kyle is a fourth year Computer Science Major with a Minor in Economics. His portfolio encompasses all of the operations of the CSUS and is the chief spokesperson for Computer Science students at McGill to the department, the faculty, and beyond. When he is not working for the CSUS, he is either busy as Co-Director of HackMcGill or tinkering with the server rack in his living room. If you have any ideas to improve the life of CS students at McGill feel free to reach out at

Irene Woo - VP Academic

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Irene is a U3 student in Math and Computer Science from France. She enjoys watching stand-up comedy, cooking, dry white wine and Nathan for You. As VP Academic, she plans to develop student resources and academically-focused events. She also advocates for CS students on academic matters, so if you have any issues or ideas feel free to reach out at


Abby Spilkevitz - VP Internal

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Abby is a U2 student double majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy from New York. When she's not working in Trottier (come say hi!), she enjoys reading philosophy and science fiction, working on her equity in STEM research project, and exploring the museums in Montreal. As VP Internal, she organizes the industry mentorship program and clothing sale, acts as the McWiCS (McGill Women in Computer Science) representative to the CSUS council, and connects with other McGill groups. You can reach her at


Loreina Chew - VP Communications

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Loreina is a U2 student in Computer Science from Toronto. As VP Communications, she surfs all communication channels with updates on CSUS/SoCS and chiefs the weekly listserv. If she was granted one wish from a genie, it would be to have perfect eyesight. You can always reach out at


Jessica Chan - VP Admin

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Jessica Chan is a third year student majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Computer Science. She is the VP Admin and takes care of organizing the minutes and managing the Trottier lounge. She is the reason there are free condoms (clap clap). In her free time, she enjoys watching old Japanese films and struggling with math. You can reach her at


Sean MacRae - VP Finance

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Sean is a U3 student in Computer Science with a minor in Life Sciences. Born and raised in Montreal, he enjoys reading up on new things, talking about audio quality, and sharing (actually) interesting facts. As VP Finance for this year, Sean ensures that the society’s budget is nicely balanced and that approved funding requests are well founded. He is always open to pitches from students about how better to use the society’s funds to serve the CS community. Please send your excellent ideas to


Ghida Monla - VP Events

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Ghida is a U3 student in Computer Science minoring in Cognitive Science from Lebanon. She enjoys running, music and poetry. Other than that, she's always hanging out on Trottier 3rd floor (it's kinda sad) and distracting everyone there, so don't be a stranger and come say hi! :) As VP Events, she's in charge of planning all the events and activities CSUS has. If you have any new event ideas or opinions on how to improve our events, you can contact her at


Emma Gouné - VP Events

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Emma Gouné is a fourth year student majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Computer Science. She is originally from Bordeaux, France, but you can now find her in Burnside where she spends most of her time. In her free she enjoys meme-ing, binge-watching series and drinking wine. As on of the VP Events, Emma will be responsible for planning and organizations events. Mark your calendar for the upcoming social events, tech talks, workshops and opportunities! You can reach Emma at

Kelvin Tagoe - VP Science

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Kelvin Tagoe is a U3 student from Ghana majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math. He represents CSUS alongside its students in science as a departmental representative. When he is not debugging code in trottier, Kelvin enjoys cooking, and binge watching tv shows. You can reach him at


Ananya Vijay - VP Arts

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Ananya Vijay is a U3 student majoring in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science and Molecular Biology. She is originally from Bangalore, India and now currently lives on Schulich floor 5. As your VP Arts, she represents the majority of CS students in the AUS Council as a department rep. In her free time, Ananya likes to cook gourmet cuisine and take long walks on the beach. You can reach her at


Idil Ates - VP External

Contact Idil

Idil is a U2 student in Computer Science from Turkey. As VP External, she's the bridge between industry professionals and Computer Science students. When she's not in Trottier 3rd, she's doing ballet. If you have any companies in mind that you want to see in McGill or just talk about life, you can contact her at

Theo Klein - Helpdesk Representative

Contact Theo

Pierre Theo Klein is a U3 student in Cognitive Science, with a concentration and minor in Computer Science, from New York City. In his free time, he enjoys photography, hiking, good food, and natural language processing. After spending two years as a CS tutor, Pierre Theo wishes to expand the functions, and increase the accessibility of the CSUS Helpdesk at McGill. You can always reach out to him at


Ginika Ume-Onyido - Equity Commissioner

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Ginika is a U3 student in Computer Science from Toronto. As the Equity Commissioner, she ensures that events and resources within the McGill community are accessible, especially to those belonging to underrepresented groups. She encourages that all members of the community support the growing diversity in the field of computing. When not working on her latest project, she's enjoys reading, watching Naruto, and practicing yoga. You can reach her at

Victoria Pittard - CS & Biology Representative

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Victoria is a U2 Joint Computer Science and Biology Major from New York. As the Computer Science/Biology Representative, she voices concerns and ideas from within the program to the CSUS council and ensures that its students have access to a wide range of resources. If you have any questions or comments about the program, feel free to contact her at

Xiao Yang - U0 Representative

Xiao Yang is a first year student intending to major in computer science and minor in Education. As the U0 Representative, she gathers concerns and ideas from computer science students and ensures that the resources and events are accessible to all first year student at McGill who are interested in computer science. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and teaching.


Edward Chapman - U1 Representative

Edward is a U1 student from Vancouver who is majoring in Computer Science. As the U1 Rep, he is responsible for representing the views of U1 students on the council and helping to create connections between U1 students and the rest of the department. In his free time Edward enjoys biking, playing Tennis, being outdoors, and cooking.


Past Councils: 2016-2017, 2017-2018