Whether you're looking to make friends, build your resume, or find out more about topics in computer science, McGill has the club for you. 


McGill Women in Computer Science (McWiCS)

McGill Women in Computer Science (McWiCS) is a student-run community associated with the
Computer Science Undergraduate Society at McGill. We are a group of people cultivating a
community for collaboration, exploration, and expanding opportunities for women within the
field of computer science. 
We’re compelled to taking substantial, meaningful action: we organize site tours to companies
such as Google, Morgan Stanley, and other companies in Montreal each semester; we invite
guest speakers to give speeches and hold workshops.


Competitive Programming at McGill

Competitive programming is student group focused on applied Computer Science. We believe that it is important to apply the theory learned at school and we aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for students to do so. Our events vary from programming languages workshops, to algorithms and security contests. We also plan to host fun and social events throughout the term!




McGill Artificial Intelligence Society

The McGill AI Society is all about learning, practicing and sharing knowledge of the increasingly interesting field of AI. The McGill AI Society is a student run organization at McGill University. Situated in the heart of Montreal, a city striving to become a world class leader in artificial intelligence, we aim be a hub that unifies all those involved in this community.


McGill Robotics

McGill Robotics is an engineering design team that builds robots for international competitions as well as organizes RoboHacks annually. The team’s goal is to foster an interest in robotics through competition, cultivate a relationship with the surrounding Montreal community, and much closer to home, to create a core community at McGill via the “Team Before Machine” philosophy.






HackMcGill is McGill's Official Hacker Collective, a group uniting all the hackers, entrepreneurs and creatives of the McGill community. Basically that means we're a group of people who like to make things. We hold events (like HACK101) to teach people about how to make things, and we hold other events where they can show off the things they make. If you attend McGill University and think technology is cool, consider joining our Facebook group.


McGill Enthusiasts of Neurotechnology et al. (MENTAL)

MENTAL is a group of students passionate about brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). We host workshops, play around with EEG headsets (read: mind-reading devices), and take part in a year-long competition to build a BCI prototype. Last year, we made a touchless spelling interface for individuals with motor impairments and took home first place. We welcome students from all backgrounds and invite you to bring your curiosity and creativity.