The CSUS is firmly committed to fostering an inclusive culture where all students are able to reach their full potential as computer scientists. In order to reach this goal of anti-oppression within the department, we use an intersectional framework (the belief that all of one’s identities interact to shape one’s experiences with systemic injustice). We hope to create a more equitable department by working to understand the barriers that exist for some students and to provide the resources necessary for all students to thrive. 

Join the equity community on Facebook. We also have a community on Slack, which you can join by e-mailing



EquiTea is a recurring, weekly gathering in which students discuss various matters about technology as it relates to race, mental health, gender, ability, and more. Meetings are every Monday from 5-6:30 in Trottier 3104. Feel free to drop by, say hello, and have a cup of tea. EquiTea is a safer space, and Trottier is wheelchair accessible. 

If you have any questions about equity@socs, suggestions for new initiatives, an experience you’d like to discuss, or anything at all, you may always reach the Equity Commissioner at