Course Load

Wondering what you should be expecting in terms of course load as a CS student? You can first take a look at the departmental suggested schedules here. This also varies highly in which CS program you are in and how many years you want to complete your program in. If you’re unsure, reach out to your faculty advisor and departmental advisor to make sure you’re on the right track to graduation.

Take advantage of add/drop period where you can feel out different courses. This will allow you get to know the professor and their syllabus better than by looking online. Make sure to keep track of the add/drop deadline!

The McGill website lists COMP ABC as a prerequisite for COMP DEF, but I'd really like to take COMP DEF next semester without having taken COMP ABC. What should I do?

It is generally not recommend taking a course without the necessary prerequisites. Typically, prerequisites are in place for a reason and you should complete courses in order to ensure success. Talking to the professor teaching COMP DEF is a great first step. Other than that, before deciding to "skip" a prerequisite, it is recommended the student take a look at the course syllabus and lecture material to understand why that course is a prerequisite. That being said, the professor teaching COMP DEF can decide to unregister all students without the necessary prerequisite. In certain cases, the professor may request the student fill out a form in order to take the course without its prerequisite.


The School of Computer Science has a highly reputable faculty; you can find more information about each professor and their area of research here. The most reliable resource for professor reviews are previous course evaluation results on Minerva, where you can get results by course code and/or professor. (Another reason why it’s essential to fill out course evaluation towards the end of the semester!)

If you want something more qualitative, search courses within McGill Computer Science Facebook Group and you can sometimes find detailed reviews from previous/current students. Or, you can post seeking opinions on a course.


See all requirements on the McGill School of Computer Science website, here. Please check with your advisor and program advisor before planning your upcoming semester. Here is a visual look at prereqs/coreqs within the department courtesy of CS professor Michael Langer.