As a group that offers academic, extracurricular, and social programming for the Computer Science community here at McGill, there are so many ways to get involved with us.

Most formally, there’s becoming an executive member of the CSUS Council. The most important characteristics of a successful CSUS Executive are open communication, consistent dedication, and a can-do attitude. Our meetings are weekly, and you’ll usually be spending a few hours each week working on various projects. The individual positions and their responsibilities can be found here in our Constitution. *Our exit reports are also available so you can get a bird’s eye view of the roles and their responsibilities.

Another way to get involved is the CSUS Help Desk, which operates throughout the week to help students with course material and assignments. You can tutor for an hour, or several per week. Since most of the tutees are Comp 202 and Comp 250 students, you’re able to begin tutoring once you’ve finished those courses. Help Desk Tutors also regularly teach our midterm and final review sessions. 

Then, there’s reaching out to us to get involved with specific initiatives. One example is our “Landing Your Dream Internship” event, which was the brainchild of serial intern Michael Ho ‘17, for which he created original material, found other panelists, and presented the event. Kyle Rubenok ‘19 originally reached out to contribute to our “Technical Interviewing Round Robin” event, became our U1 representative and later President. We also have a CSUS Volunteers group, where we post call-outs on an event-to-event basis.

Regardless of your year or program of study, we’re happy to have you contribute, whether by reading over a guide for U0/U1 students, setting up a research panel, or giving us feedback on how we’re doing! Shoot me (Ghida Monla, President) an email at csus@cs.mcgill.ca introducing yourself and how you want to become involved. Even if you don’t have any concrete ideas, we can match you up to one of our existing ongoing projects.