The CSUS Executive Election for the 2018-2019 governing year, is as follows:

March 12th: Open Meeting and Information Session
CSUS will have an open meeting on March 12th at 6:00PM in Trottier 5104. All interested applicants are encouraged to attend and ask questions to the current executives as well as learn more about the election process. Afterwards, interested candidates and welcome to stay and observe a council meeting to get a better idea of the role. 

March 4rd – March 18th: Nomination period
The CRO will validate that all signatures obtained on the aforementioned form were obtained from students currently enrolled in a Computer Science/Software Engineering program in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts, or Faculty of Arts and Science. It is suggested the applicants get more than 10 signatures should any of them be invalidated. Simply print a second nomination form and gather extra signatures. Applicants should review the constitution as well as the exit reports to ensure they are comfortable with the roles and responsibilities of the position they are considering. 

March 20th – March 26th: Campaign period
Candidates may begin campaigning only after the deadline for nomination form submissions has passed and their nomination has been confirmed by the CRO. The campaign period runs from the 20th of March until the 26th of March at 11PM. Candidates may spend up to 50CAD on their campaign, subject to reimbursement under the CSUS Bylaws art. B(B.2)(6).

March 27th – March 29th: Voting period  
Voting will begin at noon (12:00 pm) on March 27th and may continue to until March 29th at noon. Candidates may not campaign during polling.

Exit Reports

To help you get a better sense of what our individual roles entail, our exit reports are available to you. A link to our Constitution is also available:

Campaign rules:

  1. The campaign period for all candidates will commence one week before the election and will end at 23:00 hrs. of the day before the election.

  2. The posting of notices and signs must conform to the general rules of the University concerning the placing of such materials on the University premises.

  3. The CRO may designate rules from time to time with respect to the placing of such materials in the University.

  4. The CRO may set a maximum spending limit of which the CSUS will reimburse each candidate a predetermined amount. (Ensure that all candidates get to spend the same amount).

  5. All receipts (except for the use of an automobile and public transport) must be turned over to the CRO before the end of the voting period. The CRO has the right to refuse a (all) receipt(s) that are not deemed to be proper, official or otherwise.

Please Contact the CRO, Kayla Branson with any questions or concerns about the elections.