Introduction to the Minor

Since computer science has had a a profound impact on many aspects of society, health care or scientific discipline, developing basic computer skills is becoming more and more important. Thus, the Minor in CS is useful for any students in any discipline and in conjunction with any program in the faculties of Science, Engineering and Arts.

The Minor at McGill is very flexible and doesn't restrict you to low level courses, in this way you will be able to complete courses in the advanced areas of your choice: computer systems, game theory, artificial intelligence, theoretical computer science and many more. A CS knowledge IS an advantage in the industry or academia! Upon completion of the minor you'll have the knowledge and skills needed to make effective use of computer science concepts and computing technology in your future career.

B.Sc., B.A. or B.Eng? No problem!

BSc and BA

The Minor in the faculty of Science is 24 credits and 18 credits in the faculty of Arts. There are only 3 required courses (9 credits) which makes it very flexible. You'll learn how to program or design algorithms in these 3 introductory courses.

You can choose the remaining credits from any of the computer science courses! In this way you can either develop some depth on a subject or have a broad approach of CS.

You are allowed 6 credits overlap with your Major if the course has a high computer science content. Don't hesitate to consult the adviser of your main program or a CSUS member for any questions!

Required courses: Comp 202 (Foundations of programming), Comp 206 (Introduction to Software systems), Comp 250 (Introduction to Computer Science)

B.Eng., B.S.E., and B.Sc.(Arch.)

The Minor for engineering students is 24 credits. There are only 2 required courses (6 credits). The complementary courses are chosen from other CS courses at 200 level or higher.

You can obtain this Minor by completing 24 credits of COMP courses passed with a grade of C or better. In general, some complementary courses within the B.Eng. or B.S.E. may be used to satisfy some of these requirements, but the Minor will require at least 12 extra credits from the Computer Science faculty beyond those needed for the B.Eng.. Make sure to count your complementaries correctly!

Required courses: Comp 206 (Introduction to Software systems), Comp 250 (Introduction to Computer Science)