A team of 3 McGill graduate Computer Science students will nominate one undergraduate to present her project at the Canadian Celebration for Women in Computing. The presentation will occur at the conference and be approximately 10 minutes in duration on Nov 4 at 11- 11:55 AM

  • Step 1: Submit a title and short abstract (not more than 600 words) by Oct 15.
    The abstract has to be authored only by the undergraduate student(s) working on the project. In case of a single student working on the project, the abstract must describe the student's individual project. If the work is collaborative with others and/or part of a larger group project, the abstract should make clear what was the contribution of the undergraduate student(s) and should focus on that portion of the work. The extended abstract must not exceed 600 words and must not be longer than 2 pages including references. We will use Easychair to simplify the submission and organization.
  • Step 2: Present at the Canadian Celebration for Women in Computing, if you receive a notification of acceptance.

If choosen to present, the cost of your ticket will be reimbursed by CSUS. 

Important Dates:

  • 15 October, 2017: Submission deadline
  • 22 October, 2017: Notification of authors
  • 4 November, 2017: Presentation date

Submission details:

Each submission should include the student author's (authors') name(s), institutional affiliation, e-mail address, and research advisor's name in addition to the title and an extended abstract addressing the following:

  • Problem and Motivation: Clearly state the problem being addressed and explain the reasons for seeking a solution to this problem.
  • Background and Related Work: Describe the specialized (but pertinent) background necessary to appreciate the work. Include references to the literature where appropriate, and briefly explain where your work departs from that done by others.
  • Approach and Uniqueness: Describe your approach in attacking the problem and clearly state how your approach is novel.
  • Results and Contributions: Clearly show how the results of your work contribute to computer science and explain the significance of those results.

Submitted papers should be in PDF, formatted using the ACM SIGPLAN style guidelines. The paper should not exceed 600 words (excluding references). 

Please submit your abstract as a PDF in the section entitled Paper.

Submit here

Questions? Contact Caroline Berger at csus-vpcommunications@cs.mcgill.ca.

Submission process is closely modeled off of UCORE 2017